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I am having a Wireless alarm fitted. Does this mean there are NO wires?

Although the PIR detectors and door contacts are wire free, you still have to have a permanent 240v mains supply to the control panel and some systems require a bell box cable. These are not a problem as they are mostly out of the way and unobtrusive.

Does installing an alarm cause damage to my decorations?

All our installers have been dealing with alarms for many years, and know how to install the equipment quickly, efficiently and as unobtrusive as possible. Besides the alarm, you will hardly notice they where there!

How long does it take to install an alarm system?

It all depends on your home/business and what you are having installed. Some take about 4 hours, some can take up to 10 hours. If you plan for the full day, you may have some spare if they finish early.

I have Laminated floors upstairs. Does this cause a problem?

Our installer can not lift laminate floors to put cables under the floorboards, so a survey is probably needed. If a normal wired alarm can not be installed you can have a wire free system fitted.

What do you need to know before coming to install the alarm system?

Simple quests like: The type of house, (semi, terraced, detached, flat); Whether you have floorboards or chipboard floors; extensions to your house; Do you have pets? This information gives us a good idea if the alarm chosen will be suitable for your home.

I have pets, will the alarm still work?

It depends on the pets and how big they are. E.g. If you have a cats or a small to medium sized dogs you can fit a special Pet PIR detector or a 'Vibration' detector in certain rooms. Normal detectors are NOT suitable. Caged pets are not normally a problem unless they are directly inline of an alarm sensor.

What back up service is there?

We have an engineer available to talk to you in an emergency at all times 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What guarantee do I get?

All systems come with a full 12 months guarantee with the system which includes parts and labour.* After 12 months have elapsed you have the option to extend your warranty for another 12 months for a small fee. See Services. This is valid for only a small time need extra Passive Infra Red, (PIR), detectors installing.

Will these be expensive?

Not at all. An additional PIR for an inside room starts from £50 when installed at the same time as a full installation. Ask for more details on this and other additions.

Does anyone need to come to my house before the installation for a survey?

CSS does not believe in the Hard Sell pressure tactics which you get from commissioned based sales reps. And by not having sales reps. we can keep the cost down. We would only need to survey a premises if it is an unusual type of building, i.e. a converted barn, a very larger house, shop unit or the floor have laminate floors in rooms upstairs and this would be FREE.

*Excluding malicious damage, Acts of God and third-party interference

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